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Standing out in a fiercely competitive market is tough. But with our specialists knowledge and experience,
your advertising campaign can effortlessly attract new customers - leading to more recognition and more income!

Top 10 Search Results

Prominent listings are the quickest way to lure potential customers to your business

Fast and Targeted Leads

Our sophisticated model captures your target audiences’ interest straight away, maximizing your return on investment

Small Budget? No Problem!

Powerful ad campaigns don't have to cost a fortune. Our different packages suit all customers’ requirements and wallets

You Only Pay for Results

By pinpointing specific groups within your target audience, we ensure your advertising budget is used to its full potential

Maintain Control

Our comprehensive monitoring and tracking tools mean you can prioritize and optimize your advertising campaigns through a secure online account

Advertise on Partner Sites

Advertise your own company through Google’s official partners (with an option for setting up remarketing lists /banners

Advertise on YouTube

Target and engage specific demographics using the world’s most popular online video-sharing website

Target audience advert

The possibility to deliver the right information to your target audience for the most favorable budget

Stable Leads Stream

Avoiding large fluctuations of website traffic using our innovative setup allows you to have a stable flow of potential customers


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How it works

Step 1

A full analysis of your goods and services
Identify the most important and beneficial

Step 2

Optimize enquiry target lists (semantic nucleus)
Draft budgets for groups of keywords / word combinations

Step 3

Create banners using a sophisticated communications model (CCM)
to start remarketing your ad campaign

Step 4

Study of market competitors and rival advertising campaigns and websites

Step 5

Make website changes (if necessary)

Step 6

Customize your advertising campaign in Google/Direct (based on region, Pay Per Click data, keyword expansion)
Development of advertising strategy based on collected data

Step 7

Link website to Google manager to conduct further analysis

Step 8

Launch advertising campaign

Step 9

Identify and solve computer bugs and errors in
advertising campaign

Step 10

Daily monitoring of ad campaign Optimization of your company’s
marketing budget (if necessary)

Our Results


Best Dubai Tourism

Tourism company in Dubai


Budget 2 500 AED
CTR 12%
Number of clicks 145
Number of leads 22


Members of luxury card


Budget 15 500 AED
CTR 9%
Number of clicks 1460
Number of leads 120

Ultra Consulting

Consulting company in UAE


Budget 1 000 AED
CTR 15%
Number of clicks 285
Number of leads 70

Stars Dome Realty

Real Estate Company in Dubai


Budget 25 500 AED
CTR 9,5%
Number of clicks 1850
Number of leads 370

RecIN Company

International Recruitment Company


Budget 12 000 AED
CTR 10%
Number of clicks 450
Number of leads 90

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Our packages

Analysis of Competitors
Development of Campaign Strategy
Budget Forecasting
Create Advertising Campaign
Draft Keyword Lists
Edit Advertising Texts
Create Banners for Remarketing
Help Setting up Campaign for Google Advertising Partners
Connect with Analytics
Maintain Ad Campaigns
Setup Google Display Network Campaigns
Special offer page (Landing Page)
Technical Support 24/7
Report Submission
Price Per Month


1700 AED
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2000 AED
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2300 AED
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What Our Clients Say


Best Dubai Tourism

Tourism company in UAE

During the time of cooperation with Ultra Web, we have successfully optimized our advertising budget. It helped us to identify ineffective and too expensive for this option sources of traffic. Finally, thanks to their cancellation we achieved lower cost for conversion. Actually, we did not expect nothing special, but we were pleasantly surprises that solutions offered by Ultra Web really worked! Our highest recommendations! Thank you!


RecIN Company

International Recruitment Company

Our company has always paid special attention to an advertising campaign. We spent on it huge budgets, but the results were always unsatisfied. Guys from the Ultra Web proposed to create a new account and have assumed full responsibility for the advertising company. Amounts of costs decreased, and the number of applications has increased. Thank you guys for good work. We are very pleased and we will continue our cooperation.


Otamena Club

VIP Services Company

We are tried to set up ads on Google by ourself. Money flew very quickly, but still there was no enough calls and applications. So I decided to ask for help true specialists. The amount for work of 1000 AED per month + advertising budget suited me. Those results that I got completely justified investments. I will continue to work further. Big respect for Ultra Web team!!!


Stars Dome Realty

Real Estate Company in Dubai

We have never tried Google AdWords advertising and actually were skeptical about it. Still, we were convinced to try this. Encouraged by the fact that the budget is flexible and you can get started with small investments, we did it. Investing AED 2500, we were able to get more than 20 customers, that helped to recover investments and get them into profit. We are absolutely satisfied, and will continue our work to increase budgets. Many thnks to the whole team of Ultra Web, including advertisers for professional work!

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